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The Spa Triangle – UNESCO

In this region with the greatest concentration of therapeutic springs in the world, the tradition of spa treatment dates to the 14th century. Therefore, it was rightly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – aside from therapeutic procedures and a holistic approach to health, also for its extraordinary architecture, unique natural resources, and varied social activities, ranking it among the prominent European cultural centres.
The therapeutic mineral springs and other natural resources, such as peat, therapeutic gases, or radon water, have been used in the Karlovy Vary Region for centuries, and not even the dynamic development of the pharmaceutical industry has replaced them. On the contrary, medical science has come to value them more than ever and in many cases, it even prefers them for good reasons.
The hotels in the spa towns offer treatment stays and wellness for all age groups. They focus on the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases, recuperation, and prevention, but they can also help one eliminate everyday stress. Let yourself be pampered in the modern wellness centres, treat yourself to top-class gastronomy, and enjoy a varied cultural programme.
The largest spa in the Czech Republic ranks among the most beautiful European spa towns, to which guests from around the world travel for treatment. The genius loci of this magic town, lying in the picturesque valley of the Teplá River, is complemented by the gorgeous spa architecture, colonnades with hot springs, and a varied cultural scene, all surrounded by beautiful nature.

A town dedicated to the spas

Dozens of spa facilities, hundreds of procedures. This is Karlovy Vary – a town where you will taste therapeutic springs, immerse yourself in salutary mineral baths, put yourself in the hands of experienced physical and massage therapists, or just take a mud pack. Let yourself be pampered in the spa hotels, where you will find everything under one roof, or go and take the traditional spa, relaxation, and wellness procedures in the public spas – the Elisabeth and the Castle Spas.
Thermal mineral water for drinking cures, baths, and irrigations, natural gas for pneumo punctures and dry carbon baths, and peloids from locations throughout the Karlovy Vary Region.
  • Hot Spring (73.4 °C)
  • Charles IV Spring (64 °C)
  • Lower Castle Spring (61 °C)
  • Upper Castle Spring (61 °C)
  • Market Spring (62 °C)
  • Mill Spring (53 °C)
  • Rusalka Spring (59 °C)
  • Prince Wenceslas Springs I + II (I: 64 °C; II: 60 °C)
  • Libuše Spring (60 °C)
  • Rocks Spring (45 °C)
  • Freedom Spring (60 °C)
  • Park Spring (39 °C)
  • Dorotka Spring (inaccessible)
  • Štěpánka Spring (15 °C)
  • Snake Spring (29 °C)
Treatment of disorders of the digestive tract
  • Diseases of the periodontium, oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum, including post-operative states
  • Intestinal diseases, including post-operative states
  • Liver diseases, including post-operative states
  • Gall bladder and biliary tract diseases, including post-operative states
  • Pancreas diseases, including post-operative states
  • The only spa in the Czech Republic to treat disorders of the digestive tract in children and adolescents.
Treatment of metabolic diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Disorders of lipid metabolism
  • Obesity
Treatment of locomotor system disorders Treatment of oncological patients
  • Follow-up treatment of oncological patients after finishing cancer treatment, without any signs of relapse.
  • Drinking cure with thermal mineral water
  • Baths – water and gas
  • Irrigation of mucous membranes (oral, intestinal, gynaecological)
  • Heat and cold procedures
  • Peloid packs
  • Massages
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical therapy (electrotherapy, magnet therapy, phototherapy),
  • Remedial physical education and terrain therapy
  • Diet therapy
  • Education towards a healthy lifestyle
  • Other additional procedures (e.g., application of external dermatological products, acupuncture, oxygen therapy…)
  • Diagnostics physical, mechanical, and biochemical screenings

To Vary for relaxation

Karlovy Vary is an ideal place for your rest and to recharge your batteries. The spa hotels offer wellness and relaxation stays for individuals, couples, and whole families of any age. Take advantage of the wellness centres with a wide offer of relaxation procedures, beauty salons, and institutes of aesthetic medicine for both relaxation and beautifying. Treat yourself also to a stay full of comfort and relaxation in the hotels here. The elegantly furnished rooms, high-quality gastronomy, and first-rate services will make your holiday heavenly.

Colonnade under rocks

The Art Nouveau colonnades, luxurious villas in Westend, or the visitor centres of the glassworks and porcelain factories entice one to take a walk in all types of weather. However, you can also set out beyond the town, perhaps to the monumental Goethe lookout tower with a restaurant, to the bronze statue at Jelení skok (Deer Leap), or to the rock formation at Svatoš Rocks, which, according to legend, depicts a petrified wedding party. According to your preferences, you can plan your trip on foot, on a bike on the cycle path, or on a boat on the Ohře River. Believe us, exercise in the fresh air can work wonders.
The second largest Czech spa town was endowed with rich natural wonders and endless sources of mineral springs. This town of parks, colonnades, charming pavilions, the Singing Fountain, and hiking trails has maintained the charm of days gone by. To this day, you can still treat yourself to spa treatment of the highest quality.

Spas with unique springs

In the shade of the colonnades, treatments here use the mineral springs, peat, or the special gas. The natural healing resources of Mariánské Lázně are renowned for treating the locomotor system, digestion, but also of gynaecological issues. Packs and baths from peat and peloids are used, however, the absolute rarity is the treatment procedure known as the Maria Gas, where spa guests inhale natural gas directly from the Maria Spring. The result is the improved regeneration of cells and the slowing of the ageing process. You cannot try this procedure anywhere but in Mariánské Lázně.
The cold, hypotonic acidulous mineral waters are used for drinking cure, inhalations, and for preparing carbon and mineral baths; peat, peloids, and natural healing gas – the so-called Maria Gas, as well as the exceptional submontane natural climate.
  • Cross Spring
  • Ferdinand Spring
  • Forest Spring
  • Ambrose Spring
  • Rudolph Spring
  • Caroline Spring
  • Maria Spring
Treatment of locomotor system disorders
  • Vertebrogenic algic syndrome (back pain)
  • Degenerative diseases of the locomotor system (the spine and large joints)
  • Osteoporosis, post-operative states following orthopaedic surgery (endoprostheses)
Treatment of kidneys and urinary tract
  • Non-tuberculosis chronic urinary tract inflammations
  • Nephrolithiasis without provable congestion in the urinary tract
  • Post-operative states of the kidneys and the urinary tract
  • Prostatitis prostatovesiculitis, chronic urethritis
  • Post-operative states of kidney transplants with stabilised graft functions
Treatment of respiratory system diseases
  • Chronic infections
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Post-operative states of the lower respiratory system
Treatment of metabolic and endocrine disorders
  • Obesity
  • Gout and constipation
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hyperlipidaemia
Treatment of gynaecological disorders
  • Inflammatory disorders of the outer and inner genitalia
  • Post-operative states following gynaecological surgery
  • Sterility and infertility
  • Menopause syndrome
  • Urgent and stress urinal incontinence
Treatment of oncological diseases
  • Rehabilitation of patients following breast carcinoma treatment
  • Rehabilitation of patients following oncological treatment of the reproductive organs, or eventually of other oncological diseases except for malignant haematic diseases.
Treatment of urinary tract disorders in children
  • Chronic infections of the kidneys and the urinary tract
  • Post-operative states of the kidneys and the urinary tract
  • Dysfunction of the lower urinary tract, urolithiasis
Treatments of gynaecological disorders in children
  • Gynaecological infections
  • Post-operative states of the abdominal cavity, especially in the pelvis minor (following surgery of the appendix and gynaecological operations) as a prevention of sterility in adulthood
Other diagnoses Thanks to the natural healing resources, we can also successfully treat:
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Peripheral artery disease of the lower extremities
  • Potency disorders
  • Drinking the therapeutic mineral water
  • Baths
  • Thermal procedures – packs
  • Gas therapy – gas wraps and pneumo punctures
  • Massages
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiatry
  • Remedial physical education
  • Other procedures (vacuum compression therapy, oxygen therapy…)
  • Diagnostics physical, mechanical, and biochemical screenings

Wellness fit for royalty

Beauty and wellness stays focus on rest and on improving overall fitness. During your stay, you can focus on just relaxing (perhaps in a whirlpool with a glass of champagne) or treat yourself to wholesome relaxation procedures. The original Roman Baths and the Royal Cabin, where the King of England, Edward VII, enjoyed the spa, are true gems.

Elegant spa architecture

The architectural gems of Mariánské Lázně are the spring pavilions, where one can peacefully drink the healing waters sourcing from the depths of the Earth. A historic monument to Czech spas is the Neo-Baroque Main Colonnade, with its unusual ceiling frescoes “Man and Space”. The Singing Fountain will make you smile by playing the songs of the classics, but also of Petr Hapka.

In the bosom of the Slavkovský Forest

Set out into the surroundings of the town lying on the edge of the Slavkovský Forest Protected Landscape Area. You will reach the Kladská Peat Bog National Nature Reserve along the marked hiking trails and cycle paths, and you will discover numerous sources of mineral springs. Are you fans of golf or of skiing? Then you will find ideal conditions here in the Royal Golf Club and in the Mariánky Ski Resort. Discover monuments of European significance – Kynžvart Chateau, Teplá Monastery, and the Bečov nad Teplou castle and chateau, harbouring the second-most valuable gilded relic of the Czech Republic after the crown jewels – the Reliquary of St Maurus.
A trip to Františkovy Lázně, which is surrounded by extensive parks and forest parks in the English style, will seem like a journey to the past. Treat yourself to rest in the shade of the New Colonnade, which is guarded by Sphinxes, cool off in the water park, or set out on an excursion to see the natural and historic monuments in the surroundings.

Treatment of pain and of infertility

The sulphuric-ferrous peat from the local deposits, also known as black gold, works as a pain reliever for pain associated with arthritis or rheumatism, and helps regenerate the joints. It is used in the form of packs or baths and is complemented by many modern medical procedures. Františkovy Lázně is also legendary for its treatment of infertility, which is supposedly symbolically chased away by the statue of the little boy with the fish.
The local sulphuric-ferrous peat, mineral water, and therapeutic gas.
  • František Spring
  • Glauber I
  • Glauber II
  • Glauber IV
  • Meadow Spring
  • Natalija
  • Sun Spring
  • Salty Spring
  • Ferrous Spring
  • Žofie Spring
  • Luisa’s Spring
  • New Spring
  • Cartellieri Spring
  • Palliardi Spring
  • Glauber III
  • Marian Spring (D-14)
  • Adler Spring
  • Stanislav Spring
  • Imperial Spring
  • New Church Spring
Treatment of diseases of the circulatory system Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen
  • Coronary heart disease, including states following myocardial infarction
  • Hypertension
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Post-operative states of heart defects, post-operative states of the coronary arteries, states following myocarditis, and educating patients with grave risk factors that can be categorised as lifestyle diseases.
Treatment of locomotor system disorders
  • Painful states of muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Back pain
  • Extra-articular rheumatism
  • Arthrosis of the large (knees, hips) and small joints, vertebrogenic algic syndrome (back pain).
Treatment of gynaecological disorders
  • Peat packs
  • Peat baths
  • Peat tampons
  • Carbon baths
  • Vaginal irrigation
  • Gas sitz baths
  • Pneumo punctures
  • Drinking cure
  • Diagnostics physical, mechanical, and biochemical screenings
  • Procedures of rehabilitative and physical therapy

Wellness for all

The hotels here offer rest programmes for senior citizens, romantic stays with candlelight dinners, even a “trial spa” weekend, and many more wellness stays to all who need to rest, relax, and send their worries away for several days.

A walk through the moonscape

Františkovy Lázně is built in the spirit of the Classicist and Empire styles, and the combination of architecture with nature is typical for the town. A stroll through the town will calm your nerves and viewing the beautiful buildings in connection with the natural park will bring peace to your spirit. If you have the chance, take a trip to nearby Soos Nature Reserve. It is nicknamed the “Czech Yellowstone”, and it is a giant peat bog on the bottom of a dried-out lake with bubbling mud volcanoes. The youngest extinct volcano, Komorní hůrka (Chamber Hill), is also located nearby. Seeberg and Vildštejn castles are also worth visiting.
The town where the history of the atomic age and of radon spas began. To this day, Jáchymov, in whose pitchblende Marie Curie first discovered radium, has maintained its genius loci from its heyday when the first radon spa was established and people from around the world travelled here for treatments.

The beneficial effects of radon water

The spa was made famous for its treatments using radon baths, during which alpha particles effect the body and activate the immune system, thus renewing tissues and damaged DNA. It also secretes the “hormone of joy” endorphin and works well to eliminate chronic pain. Radon therapy is suitable primarily for treating chronic diseases affecting the locomotor system.
Radon water is used for spa procedures. The source of the therapeutic effects of radon – a chemically inert gas – are the soft ionising alpha rays. Upon repeated application to the body in small doses, positive processes are stimulated, such as the repair of damaged DNA, the regeneration of tissues, and an increased secretion of anti-inflammatory cortisol and of the “hormone of joy” endorphin. It also activates the immune system. This all explains the exceptional therapeutic effects of radon baths and their analgesic effect.
  • Curie (29 °C)
  • Spring C1 (29 °C)
  • Běhounek (36 °C)
  • Agricola (29 °C)
Treatment of locomotor system disorders
  • Rheumatoid diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease)
  • Degenerative wear of the spine and joints, rheumatism of the soft tissues
  • States following injuries and operations of the locomotor system, including neuro-orthopaedic operations and endoprostheses
  • Scar tissue, damaged tendons and joint capsules
Treatment of neurological disorders
  • Polyneuropathy with paretic manifestations
  • Radicular syndromes of a vertebrogenic origin
  • Post-injury states and post-operative states of the central and peripheral nerves with impaired mobility, with signs of renewed functioning
Treatment of vascular diseases
  • Dysfunction of the peripheral arteries and blood profusion in general
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Joint gout
  • Osteoporosis
Radon baths are a traditional treatment for the general ailments associated with ageing (antiaging treatments), since they strongly counter the body’s oxidation stress caused by the environment.
  • Radon baths (the minimum effective number is ten baths, a maximum of 24 baths, taken six times a week at a temperature of 36 °C and for a length of 20 minutes with an ensuing dry wrap)
  • Rehabilitation – remedial exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Massages
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Diagnostics physical, mechanical, and biochemical screenings
  • Special therapy – radium brachytherapy (the so-called “Jáchymov boxes”)
  • This European speciality is suitable for the treatment of chronic states of pain of the locomotor system that do not react on other common types of analgesic treatment. It uses the pain-relieving effects of ionising gamma rays, applied using the special radium brachytherapy method locally to the painful structure. The therapy provides patients with pain relief lasting for months.

Escape from stress to the mountains

Jáchymov is an ideal destination for an active wellness stay. It is located at the foothills of the Ore Mountains, close to the most significant mountain resorts with year-round activities – Klínovec, Boží Dar, and Plešivec. Aside from Radium Palace, you will also be pampered in the spa hotels of Běhounek, Curie, or Astoria. The offer includes classic wellness stays for young people, families, and senior citizens, romantic stays for couples with candlelight dinners, but also pools, saunas, and other places to relax in the Agricola Spa Centre, in the wholesome mountain climate.

A mix of ancient and modern history

Besides the Royal Mint Museum in Jáchymov, where you will learn about the mining traditions, the history of minting tolars, and the spa industry, visit the Latin Library with its historic documents, including an Old Testament dating to the 13th century. A darker history is to be learned in Adit No. 1 and on the Jáchymov Hell educational trail, which retells the fate of political prisoners forced to work in the uranium mines. However, there is a happy end, and the panorama of the town, set into the bosom of the mountains, will open before you from the lookout tower near Schlick Castle.
A peaceful spa town that stands aside the mainstream, and whose climatic conditions are considered a natural healing resource. It focuses on caring for children, but not even adults will miss the benefits. The architectural dominant of the town is the Classicist chateau with the English park, as well as the spa quarter.

Focused on children

Lázně Kynžvart specialises primarily in treating the respiratory system or dermatological problems in children aged two to fifteen, and in the case of kidney disease or obesity, up to nineteen years of age. Aside from the four springs and the peloids, the sunny submontane climate with ground fogs, which ensure a constant and natural humidity, is also applied in treatments. School education is also ensured during the stays.
Unique climatic conditions, declared by the Czech Ministry of Health as a natural healing resource, and the local mineral waters.
  • Richard Spring
  • Viktor and Helena Spring
  • Marie Spring
The spa treatment is meant for children aged two to fifteen (or until they finish primary school) with non-specified diseases of the respiratory system, dermatological disorders, and is furthermore targeted at children and adolescents with nephro-urological indications. Treating non-tuberculosis diseases of the respiratory system
  • Recurring infections of the upper respiratory system with weakened immunity
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Post-nasal-drip syndrome
  • States following bronchopneumonia
  • Obstructive bronchitis
  • Asthma bronchiale
  • Dermorespiratory syndrome
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Post-operative states of the respiratory system and the chest
Treatment of dermatological disorders
  • Psoriasis
  • Atopic eczema and other eczemas
  • Ichthyosis
  • Other chronic dermatoses
Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract
  • Recurring or long-term kidney infections
  • Urolithiasis
  • Post-operative states of the urinary tract
  • Prolonged diffused diseases of the glomeruli
  • Climate therapy
  • Inhalation therapy using the mineral waters
  • Breathing rehabilitation and gymnastics
  • Mechanical therapy – massages
  • Remedial physical education
  • Remedial physical education in the swimming pool with ozone-treated water
  • Hydrotherapy procedures – Hubbard baths, Hauffe baths, hot-cold leg baths, Artic fire alternating water jets, baths with additives
  • Carbon gas wraps
  • Peat packs
  • Myofeedback
  • Electrotherapy, magnet therapy, thermotherapy – sauna
  • Diagnostics physical, mechanical, and biochemical screenings
  • Other procedures

Relax for adults

You can also enjoy a relaxation stay here amid the beautiful nature of the Slavkovský Forest. For instance, you can try packs using therapeutic peat, pearl or aroma baths, massages, and other procedures that will eliminate stress and tension from your body. Or you can hop off to pay a round of golf on one of the most beautiful courses in the Karlovy Vary Region. Non-straining activities in the therapeutic climate will recharge your batteries and put you in a good mood.

Where to take a stroll

The dominant of the area is Kynžvart Chateau with its collection of the curiosities (including a mummy collection) that Prince Metternich collected through his lifetime. If you prefer nature, immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Kladská Peat Bog with its primeval growth of swamp pines and carnivorous plants. Fauna to be found here include Eurasian pygmy owls, black storks, and if you are lucky, you will even see a bobcat.